Nngi! Taste a Plate of Kavalan Culture and Costal Beauty in Paterongan


Paterongan (or Xinshe/新社 in Chinese) is located along the picturesque coast of southern Hualien County. Its population is mostly Amis, but also includes the largest concentration of Kavalan (or Kbalan in Kavalan language) in Taiwan. The Kavalan once inhabited the plains of Yilan County in northeastern Taiwan but were forced to leave there some 250 years ago due to clashes with Qing dynasty troops and other indigenous peoples.

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偕 “Jie” –– A Family Name of Remembrance and Gratitude


The Taiwanese Canadian Association celebrated its 50h anniversary in late June, 2013. To commemorate the arrival of Canadian doctor George Leslie MacKay and his contribution in education and medicine in Taiwan, a “Life Time Contribution Award” was given. Receiving the award in his place was MacKay’s aging grand-daughter, Margaret MacKay. Margaret was moved to tears and was unable to speak for some time.“I really miss Taiwan,” said Margaret in fluent Taiwanese Hokkien, before once again breaking into tears.

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