Return to Chashan Village


Typhoon Morakot hit southern and southeastern Taiwan in August of 2009 killing hundreds and leaving many more homeless. Although nearly five years have passed since this natural disaster, there are still traces of it in areas of rockslide and new roads and bridges have been built to replace those that were wiped out. But, such disaster also reveals the resilience of the human spirit and the determination to rebuild. The community has been doing that creating farming, cultural and environmental education areas. Ms. Fang said that rebuilding efforts are still coming along, but tourists are already returning.

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Nngi! Taste a Plate of Kavalan Culture and Costal Beauty in Paterongan


Paterongan (or Xinshe/新社 in Chinese) is located along the picturesque coast of southern Hualien County. Its population is mostly Amis, but also includes the largest concentration of Kavalan (or Kbalan in Kavalan language) in Taiwan. The Kavalan once inhabited the plains of Yilan County in northeastern Taiwan but were forced to leave there some 250 years ago due to clashes with Qing dynasty troops and other indigenous peoples.

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