3-Min Taiwanese Indigenous News with Mata Taiwan (5/5)


#1 Night Ceremony Done, Siraya People: Never Give Up Striving for Official Recognition!

The Siraya people from Beitouyang, Tainan, just finished their annual Night Ceremony for their highest ancestral spirit, Alid, last Sun (Apr 27). However, the indigenous people have been regarded as sinicised already by Taiwan’s government and are not recognized as one of the Taiwanese indigenous peoples officially. The people said they will keep fighting for official recognition.

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Tsou’s Warring Ceremony: Tradition and Etiquette


During the first weekend in March, I visited Tefuye Village in Alishan Township to watch the Mayasvi (Warring Ceremony) of the Tsou people. The indigenous people is mainly distributed among eight communities in Alishan Township of Chiayi County. Although this was my fifth time to witness the ceremony, I have not yet seen it in its entirety, as it takes place over two days and nights.

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66 Pavilions and Countless Hospitality of the Indigenous People in Cayamavana


The No. 11 is as busy as the feet of the pedestrians in Wall Street.
The No. 22 is as romantic as the roses held by the couples in Avenue des Champs-Élysées.
The No. 33 is as long as the time that we wait for the Leo meteor shower.
The No. 44 is as sensitive as Landon’s bluest age.
The No. 55 is as happy as the laughters during the Songkran Festival.
The No. 66 is as generous as the pavilions that we share in Cayamavana!

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Exclusive Tour To Rinari & Tavatavang

赤子之心-ok copy

Among leather carving, wood carving and glaze beads,

We greet each other, “Saabaw!” and sing together

In the moonlight, we listen to the legend of the clouded leopard’s disciples

Shell ginger, butterfly, Formosa lambsquarter, bamboo wrestler and the old tree in front of the formerly Japanese police station

We follow the ancient path of Paiwan people and learn about the wonder of nature

Follow us to the beautiful Rinari and Tavatavang!

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Taiwanese Students are occupying the Executive Yuan in protest of unpopular president Ma Ying-Jeou’s decision to rush through legislature that gives China greater access to Taiwan’s assets without the necessary deliberation. Some protestors fear this could lead to a slow annexation of Taiwan into a so-called ‘special region’ of China such as Hong Kong.

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Mayasvi –– The Ceremony of War & Triumph


The ‘Mayasvi’ or Ceremony of War and Triumph is the greatest event in the calendar of Taiwan’s Tsou people. Now only carried out in either Tefuye (Tfuya) or Dabang (Tapangʉ) village in Alishan, the celebration has no fixed day, but instead the date is traditionally fixed each year by village males depending on such factors as how many babies had been born so far that year.

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